Montana Seed Trade Association

Started in 1979, the Montana Seed Trade Association was established for three purposes. The first was to be able to develop friendly business relationships between all of its members. The second was to promote legitimate interests of its members within the State of Montana. The third was to cooperate with the educational, regulatory, and other interested agencies in the development of a sound and effective seed program.

Over the years MSTA has tried various activities to help promote our main purposes such as:

  • Providing a forum for discussing some common concerns and issues that our members may have.
  • Providing a place for MSTA members to meet.
  • Providing a place where MSTA members can act as mentors or be mentored.
  • Speaking with a single voice on issues that affect the industry, and lobbying for changes beneficial to members.
  • Establishing relationships among different types of entities within the industry.
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